Super Mario Bros. Voted Most Wanted Video Game Film

The Super Mario Bros. movie is perhaps one of the most reviled video game adaptations of all-time. Released in 1993, the film quickly became a punch-line for gamers, standing as a prime example of how quickly video game adaptations can go wrong. A lot has changed since those days. With video games becoming much more lucrative and much less niche, Hollywood has realized the importance of maintaining a connection to the source material. A new THR/Morning Consult poll asked responders what video game movie they'd like to see, and the majority of responders seem eager for Mario get a chance at redemption.

Of course, that redemption is seemingly in the works. An animated film featuring Nintendo's mustachioed mascot is in the works from Illumination and Universal Pictures. This time around, the movie also has Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto serving as a co-producer.

The poll results are rather interesting to interpret. Right behind Mario is Pac-Man, another iconic staple of the industry. While Bandai Namco has made multiple attempts at fleshing out Pac-Man's character and world, it seems hard to believe demand would be all that high for a film starring the character, particularly given some of the other games on the list. Still, the character does have some big name recognition.

Name recognition likely played a major part in the poll, overall. It's the only way to explain how Tetris could place higher than Final Fantasy. That said, the latter franchise did receive a big budget theatrical release back in 2001 in the form of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. That particular movie proved to be a box office bust, and nearly bankrupted Square, as a result. So, perhaps it's understandable why some fans might not be eager to see another Final Fantasy film anytime soon!


One of the most interesting inclusions on the list is Super Smash Bros., which placed at number eight. After Marvel Studios' massive success with the Avengers franchise, it's not hard to imagine how a Nintendo Cinematic Universe could build-up to that film. But first things first, a good Mario movie is a must.

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