Super Mario-Inspired Fragrance Is Now Available

The likeness of Nintendo's mustachioed mascot Mario has adorned a plethora of products over the [...]

The likeness of Nintendo's mustachioed mascot Mario has adorned a plethora of products over the years, but GAME's new "Eau De Plumber" fragrance is unlike anything else related to the character. It's worth noting that this is not an officially-licensed Nintendo product, but one glimpse at the packaging makes the intent all too clear! According to GAME, the aroma is "painstakingly blended with deep, toadstooly undertones, with high tones of peach and daisy." On the company's website, the UK based retailer is offering the product alongside "FPS (First Person Scent)," which comes in a bottle shaped like a grenade, and apparently smells "slightly gunpowdery."

Images of the (slightly unbelievable) fragrances can be found below.

Mario Perfume
(Photo: GAME)

While Nintendo has become slightly more conservative about the products that Mario's likeness now features on, the character has appeared on countless items in the 35 years since Super Mario Bros. released on the Nintendo Entertainment System. From Cup Dispensers to Happy Meal bags, cereal boxes and more, Mario has been the face of gaming since the character made his debut. As such, it's not all that surprising to see Mario used to sell a fragrance; if anything, it's almost more surprising that it took as long as it did!

It already seems like these fragrances are proving to be successful for GAME. Mario fans in desperate need of a fragrance inspired by the plumber will be disheartened to discover that Eau De Plumber is already sold out on GAME's website. It will be interesting to see if this success might convince the retailer to try out other scents inspired by video games. Perhaps a smell that evokes Raccoon City after a night of zombie-filled terror, with subtle hints of smoke and rotten flesh. Or perhaps a scent based on Donkey Kong Island, featuring a mixture of smells that conjure the essence of gorilla, and an entire banana hoard. The sky is the limit, really!

Those still hoping to get a bottle for themselves will want to keep an eye on GAME's website. The page for the item can be found right here, should more product become available. Both fragrances retain for £19.99.

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