Super Mario Odyssey Sound Selection Launches on iTunes Tomorrow

(Photo: Nintendo)

Time to level up your iTunes library. Starting tomorrow, the Super Mario Odyssey Sound Selection will be available for download on the iTunes store, courtesy of Nintendo. The company updated fans today with a full track listing, totalling twelve songs from the game.

The soundtrack includes two versions of Break Free (Lead the Way) and four "Jump Up, Super Star!" tracks, including an instrumental for that irresistible midnight one-person karaoke session. Back in October, the track became so popular that it hit iTunes' top 40 list as a single. Everything goes live tomorrow -- so, likely at midnight on the West Coast (or three hours earlier, if we're lucky).

Super Mario Odyssey released in October of this year, and has sold well over 10 million copies worldwide, taking home "Best Family Game" at the Game Awards and Game of the Year at Gamescom within weeks of its release. The trippy new take on the Super Mario franchise simultaneously honors everything we love about the superhero plumber, while exploring new ways to adventure through RPGs like never before.

Not into that soundtrack listing? Worry not: the game's full soundtrack is scheduled to release early next year, and it will feature 136 tracks across the span of four discs. Right now, unfortunately, it's only listed for preview in Japan, with no actual known plans for Western release as of yet.


Super Mario Odyssey is currently available for the Nintendo Switch.