Nintendo Possibly Teasing New Super Mario Strikers

Is Nintendo teasing a new Super Mario Strikers for Nintendo Switch? Some Nintendo fans seem to think so. Others aren't convinced. Over on Reddit, one Nintendo fan pointed out that in some recent footage of Luigi's Mansion 3 shown off by Nintendo there seems to be some sort of nod to the series at the very least. More specifically, there's a hallway in the upcoming Switch game that features a bunch of framed paintings, and one of them features what looks like art from Mario Strikers Charged, the 2007 follow-up on Wii to 2005's Super Mario Strikers on GameCube. And while the series is no Sega Soccer Slam, and isn't as popular as some other Mario sports spin-offs, it does have its fans who are chomping at the bit at the possibility of a new entry.

Now, is this a teaser for a new installment or a upgraded port, or is it simply a nod to the game? Well, who knows. That said, the latter seems more likely at this point. As you will know, the developer of Luigi's Mansion 3 -- Next Level Games -- is also the developer behind the Super Mario Strikers series. And the hallway in question features other frames of art from other Next Level Games' titles, though not every game from the developer is represented. In other words, it appears the hallway is nothing more than one big nod to the past of Next Level Games.

Mario Strikers nod in Luigi's Mansion 3? (Right painting) from r/NintendoSwitch

Whatever the case, fans of the forgotten series are excited just to see people talking about it again, which hopefully will return in the near future. Of course, we need a new Mario Golf first, but after that I'm down to play more Mario Strikers. It's not my favorite arcadey soccer series, but that didn't stop me from playing both to death, especially Charged, despite it being the inferior of the two.


Anyway, as always, feel free to leave a comment or two with your thoughts or, alternatively, hit me up on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ to talk all things Nintendo and Sega Soccer Slam. Would you like to see a new Super Mario Strikers on Nintendo Switch?