Super Meat Boy Officially Dated For Nintendo Switch, Getting A New Race Mode

Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy has already made his way across a number of gaming platforms thus far, including Xbox 360, Xbox One (via backward compatibility) and the PlayStation consoles. But some fans were wondering if Nintendo Switch owners would get a shot. Well, there’s no doubt that the forthcoming Super Meat Boy Forever would’ve suited them just fine next year, but don’t worry – you fans will be getting an extra dose of Meat soon enough.

On the official Super Meat Boy Twitter account today, the team confirmed that the challenging platforming opus would be making its way to Nintendo Switch, dated for January 11th, 2018. Not only that, but it looks like Switch owners will be getting an exclusive mode out of the deal.

“Wanna race? Coming to #NintendoSwitch January 11th 2018,” the team notes in its tweet, along with an image showing off the new “race” mode that will be coming to the game.

Super Meat Boy 2

Details about the new mode haven’t been given just yet, but it looks to be a locally-based, split-screen affair, where players compete to see who can complete a level in the fastest time possible. It looks to have a huge focus on local multiplayer, based on the JoyCons sitting next to the Switch screen. This could change, as we could see online compatibility as well, though nothing has been finalized just yet.


The game, which has been an indie hit since its release back in 2010, promises to be another great addition to the Switch library. Pricing hasn’t been revealed just yet, but it probably won’t set you back too much.

Super Meat Boy is available now for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.