Super Nintendo World Theme Park Might Feature Some Kind of Nintendo Switch Integration

It seems as though Nintendo fans will have a way to connect their online lives with their theme park visits whenever Universal Parks & Resorts opens the gates of its Super Nintendo World attractions. New info emerging from talks during a media conference that took place recently revealed that those who attend Super Nintendo World will have some way to connect their experience back to their game consoles, presumably on the Nintendo Switch. Details are slim on the console integration right now just as they are on the whole Super Nintendo World plan overall, but the tease has interesting implications for any people who are planning on visiting the Nintendo-themed attractions.

Speaking at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2019 Media Communications & Entertainment Conference which took place recently, Universal Parks & Resorts chairman and CEO Tom Williams fielded questions about the Super Nintendo World park that’ll open first in Japan in Spring 2020 and will come to the United States and other locations at a later date. The talks about console integration were centered around the news of score-tracking wristbands that keep up with how players are doing in various games around the park. You can read up on those here if you’re unfamiliar with the news.

While the wristbands can be used inside the park to track scores, it looks like their purpose won’t end there. In a transcript of the talk which can be seen here, Williams said the unique wristband “actualy interfaces back with your game consoles.” He elaborated on that by saying you can “build on it and come back again, and it’s really got everything going on.”

From the sound of it, it seems like the Nintendo Switch or the Nintendo Switch Online will get some sort of app or tie-in game related to the park that keeps up with attendees’ progress at the parks. The Nintendo Switch itself wasn’t mentioned specifically, but that’s almost certainly where we’ll see the integration come from. Other potential tie-ins like Super Nintendo World visitors getting exclusive bonuses or offers for their favorite games also seems like it’s something that’ll probably happen at some point.

We don’t yet know when the Super Nintendo World will open in the United States, but we’ll get to see more of the plans for the park soon enough as we move towards its opening in Japan.