Here's The 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Roster Organized By Primary Source of Income

super smash bros. ultimate (1)
(Photo: Nintendo)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has the biggest roster ever in the series, featuring every fighter that has showed up at point or another in the Nintendo fighting franchise. And with the whole roster revealed, now we can start asking the real questions, such as: how does the roster look when organized by primary source of income? Well, thanks to Twitter user "Klim," we now know.

Earlier this week, the Twitter user took to social media site Twitter, and revealed the game's entire roster broken into different categories based on each fighter's primary source of income. The tweet quickly went viral, because, naturally, everybody has been wondering since the game was announced back at E3.

According to Klim, Kirby would normally go in the 'no concept of money' category, but the fact that Great Cave Offensive technically made Kirby a multimillionaire can't be ignored.

Not long after the above post went viral, the Internet did its due diligence and began to poke holes in Klim's assessment. And so a couple of hours later he uploaded a final, definitive version.

(Photo: Kilm via Twitter)

As the official judge of all Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster organizations based on primary source of income, I have to say, this one is pretty spot on, and would be the definitive version if not for one small mistake. Ice Climbers should be under "in federal prison for fraud." Otherwise, print this out and frame it.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is in development for Nintendo Switch, and is poised to release later this year on December 7. For more news and coverage on the highly-anticipated platform fighter, click here.


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Meanwhile, Nintendo has announced that's bringing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate demos across the country apart of a larger promotional campaign that will have it at retail centers throughout the US for a month with demos of its games and information for shoppers for the holiday season.