Super Sonic is Free in Sonic Forces for a Month

(Photo: SEGA)

Get ready to go super fast this coming month with the golden Super Sonic, both modern and classic, in Sonic Forces. The two new additions to the game's playable roster will be available for the next month, before they'll presumably be a paid DLC extra for the game. The two takes represent a more classically-styled Sonic and one modeled closer to the game's animation. The official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account announced them yesterday, so it's likely that the offer will end on January 23rd.

Sonic Forces released on November 7th to mixed reviews. Our own Robert Workman still hailed it for its honorable nods and similarities to past games, saying that wile the game lacks when it comes to great graphics that were promised, it "runs very sufficiently, just as Generations did. The frame rate is solid, and the camera actually works pretty well this time around, save for little oddball moments that don’t occur too often. The design is inspired too, taking some notes from classic games, just like Generations."

The latest installment of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise sees the pivotal hero in a world taken over by Dr. Eggman. It allows the player to create custom characters of their own, and utilize new gadgets to take on never before seen enemies. As the hero, players will face off against classic foes and an all-new superpower, including Eggman, Zavok, Metal Sonic, Chaos, and new baddie Infinite. A tie-in comic with the same name is releasing as an ongoing story to accompany the game.

The limited-time offer is pretty common practice over in Japan, where developers put DLC content up for free for a limited time before charging after the window closes. It's not a terrible deal, but after the 23rd, both versions of Super Sonic will cost $1.99.

Sonic Forces is out now for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC.