Teamfight Tactics Is Swapping Two of Its Most Important Buttons

The design of Teamfight Tactics means that players only have a few buttons to pick from the they’re scrolling over the interface. If you’re not dropping champions from your bench onto the board or combining items, you’ll probably spend your time hovering over the selection of champions for sale or over the two buttons to the left of the champion bar. Those two buttons are ones for refreshing the for-sale champions and buying experience points, and you probably press them through muscle memory by now. You’ll have stop yourself from doing that when Patch 9.24 releases since the placements of those buttons are changing.

Riot Games has been previewing the change that swaps the “Refresh” and “Buy XP” buttons for a while now leading up to the patch’s release, but it’s still a change that’s likely slipped under players’ radars. A post on the League of Legends site talked about the change on Tuesday and showed how the new interface will look after the update while also providing some justification for the new look.

“For those of us who have already sunk several 8th place finishes into the game trying to hard force Ocean Mages the buttons and their functions are an afterthought,” Riot Games said. “But for someone just discovering the game it’s an important concept that they’re completely unaware of. Keeping all these elements next to one another (Buy XP, Level, Tier Drop Rate) helps reinforce their connection and makes them more prominent. Making this more obvious and understandable is something we think is important and is the biggest reason why we’re making this change.”

Part of the post acknowledged that, yes, players are going to mix up the two buttons for a while. Riot Games said “this isn’t a change that we make lightly” and that this change will impact players who’ve sunk time into the game. However, Riot Games said players who tested it internally were able to adapt to the change within three to five games even if “the first game with this new change in effect is quite painful.

Teamfight Tactics will get its Patch 9.24 this week, so look for this change and more to be included when the update releases.