Teamfight Tactics Players Can Now Get More Twitch Prime Loot

Twitch is giving away even more Teamfight Tactics loot to its Twitch Prime subscribers with three different Little Legends Eggs available for players who are subscribed and stay subscribed to the service. These Little Legend Eggs include random Little Legends in them which are the various mascots players use to captain their teams of League of Legends champions. You won’t get to pick what you get from these Little Legend Eggs, but if there’s a Little Legend you’ve been hoping to get and you’re already a Twitch Prime subscriber, there’s a chance you could get what you’re looking for from the next few Twitch Prime drops.

The Twitch Prime drops for Teamfight Tactics started last year a few months into the life of the game and have continued off and on since then to give players different rewards. This latest Twitch Prime drop follows the recent pattern of giving one reward to subscribers now with more coming later if they stay subscribed to the service, a release schedule that incentivizes staying subscribed to Twitch Prime instead of just doing a free trial to get a one-off reward like players have done in the past.

To get the first of three Little Legend Eggs, you’ll need to head to the Twitch Prime loot page for Teamfight Tactics. Three different Little Legend Eggs are shown, but you can only get the first of them right now. Assuming you’ve got your Riot Games account set up to work with Twitch Prime, you’ll see the Little Legend Egg deposited into your account soon.


The timing of the Twitch Prime loot couldn’t have been better either now that Teamfight Tactics is available on mobile devices. The League of Legends game mode was previously only available on the PC platform before this week, and the cross-platform progression it supports means that players will share their inventories of Little Legends and other cosmetics like arena skins regardless of if they’re on the PC or mobile devices. If you get the Twitch Prime loot now, it could be the first Little Legend Egg you open up on the mobile platform.

Twitch Prime’s first Little Legend Egg is available now for all subscribers with more on the way in the future.

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