Telltale's Guardians Of The Galaxy Episode 3 Coming Next Month


Telltale Games has been doing a pretty good job with its Guardians of the Galaxy episodic series since it premiered earlier this year, and through the first two episodes, we've gotten quite an interesting story building up so far – especially with the involvement of galactic menace Thanos. But here's where things really start heating up.

During the Marvel Games panel today, Ryan Penagos, who serves as vice president and executive editor for Marvel Digital Media, noted that Telltale Games will be releasing the third episode in the series on August 22nd, and that's for all platforms – PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, the works. It'll be named More Than a Feeling.

Though details on the episode are slim, it looks like things are going to start getting very heated between the team members, as Penagos noted, "Showing footage from Guardians Telltale game episode 3 and has Gamora and Quill slapping each other. Very funny scene. #MarvelGamesSDCC" The episode will try to focus mostly on Gamora, and the team's different "traumas and tragedies". In addition, Hate the Accuser will be involved heavily in the episode.

That can only mean that the tension of the team members will continue to grow, but the camaraderie will continue to be intact, as they attempt to stop danger from pretty much affecting their universe.

That said, we'll have more official information from Telltale Games on the episode soon, including a trailer and story details on what to expect this time around.


Guardians of the Galaxy is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.