The Elder Scrolls Online Is Giving Players a New Way to Acquire Loot

In The Elder Scrolls Online’s next big update planned for June, players will have a new way to earn loot box items without having to pay any real-world money. That’ll be made possible through the new “Endeavors” system that gives players tasks to complete in exchange for rewards including a new currency called the “Seals of Endeavor.” By cashing in those Seals of Endeavor, you can earn Crown Crate to receive items like cosmetics, mounts, and more.

Bethesda and The Elder Scrolls Online team explained the Endeavors system in a preview of Update 30 which is launching sometime in mid-June. The system will be a free addition to the base game, and all you have to do to take part is complete tasks that you normally would’ve been doing anyway.

“Arriving as part of Update 30 and launching mid-June, the new Endeavors system is a free addition to the ESO base game that all players can utilize,” the preview of the new feature read. “With this new system, you can complete new daily and weekly tasks, called Endeavors, that grant you various rewards (such as Gold or Experience) and a new currency called Seals of Endeavor.”

Stealing items, finishing quests, defeating enemies, and crafting items were just a couple of ways that players could complete their Endeavors each day and each week. There are more than just those to be completed as well, so no matter what playstyle you adhere to, there’s a good chance you’ll find a task that fits within your routine.

After acquiring enough of the Seals of Endeavor, you can cash those in for Crown Crate items, but know that the rarer the item, the more expensive it’ll be. There’s no cap to how many Seals of Endeavor you can acquire, however, and they don’t expire, but you also can’t convert them into gems, so you may as well spend them when you’ve got them.


“The Seal value for individual Crown Crate items differs, so depending on what you want to get, you might need to save up if you wish to acquire an especially rare item,” Bethesda said. “You can collect and save Seals for as long as you like, and if there’s nothing that takes your fancy right now, there is no cap to how many Seals you can save for later. Like crowns or gems, Seals of Endeavor are an account-based currency and not specific to any one character.”

The new feature is “tentatively scheduled” for June, Bethesda said, so look for it to release in Update 30 if everything goes according to plan.