‘The Game Awards’ Will See At Least Ten New Game Announcements

We're less than ten days away from this year's The Game Awards, which will present trophies to the best and brightest in the game industry, along with providing sneak peeks at forthcoming titles within the next year. And, boy, will this year's show have a heaping handful of them.

The Game Awards

In a new video released today on Twitter, host/producer Geoff Keighley has confirmed that this year's show will have more than ten new game reveals, marking a new record for the event. On top of that, some updates will also be provided for previously announced games, indicating that we could see the long-awaited follow-up from Nintendo on how Metroid Prime 4 is progressing, based on what was hinted at earlier this year.

Keighley remained vague in the video, so he didn't give any surprises away. However, he is hopeful that gamers will be excited for what's to come with the show next Thursday. Check out the video below.

"This year is all about expanding what we do well, and actually it's a little intimidating because we had such a great response to last year's show," Keighley said, noting that he's bringing back an orchestra to perform various video game themes, and explaining how gamers can vote for their favorites in a number of new ways.

And Keighley also promised that there will be teases over the next few days over what we'll see, such as the possibility of a new Death Stranding trailer that finally gives us a release date, along with other neat little things. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but, yeah. We're watching, Keighley. Don't think we aren't.


You can find more details about The Game Awards broadcast here, including how to tune in and how to vote for your favorites if you haven't already. The show will kick off on December 6 at 8:30 PM EDT, and we'll bring you live coverage, including breaking announcements and a place you can watch with us live!