The Rock Is Teasing a New Collaboration With Xbox

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has had a long history with the Xbox brand and it looks like that [...]

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has had a long history with the Xbox brand and it looks like that partnership is going to be continuing in an all-new manner quite soon. While Johnson hasn't disclosed what this new crossover with Xbox will look like just yet, he has said that it will be a surprise for "all my gamers."

Over on Instagram today, Johnson shared a new video of a package that seemingly arrived for him today. Upon unboxing the package, a crate of Zoa Energy, which is a drink that Johnson sponsors, was found inside. Rather than just being a typical box of Zoa Energy, however, this iteration seemed to be a bit different. Johnson showed off a note that came with the package that, while it was too blurry to be readable, clearly contained the Xbox logo on the note's bottom portion.

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So just what is this collaboration going to result in? Well, Johnson himself isn't saying for the moment. "Stay tuned, my friends as you will receive what's in this box," Johnson said in the video's caption. He also used the hashtag "#coolshit" to describe his feelings on the matter in a very apt way.

As a whole, if you were hoping to see some sort of major cross-promotion between The Rock and Xbox, in a direct capacity, this doesn't seem to be such a thing. Instead, it's very likely that Xbox has somehow partnered up with Zoa Energy. What that collaboration will turn into remains to be seen, but in all likelihood, this could just be something as simple as Xbox iconography appearing on Zoa Energy cans. But hey, maybe Johnson and his team have something bigger in the works that we won't know about until later.

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