This 'The Witcher' Ciri Cosplay Is Goals

Cosplay is an incredibly creative way for fans to show off their love for some of their favorite franchises and characters, and that's exactly what this cosplayer did to show her own appreciation for The Witcher's Ciri!

The cosplayer in question is April Gloria. You may have seen her before, Buzzfeed absolutely loves calling her the "Goth Taylor Swift" for some reason, though she does bear an uncanny resemblance to the singer out of cosplay. Still, her rendition of Ciri is absolutely stunning and she absolutely nailed the look from the leather work of her corset, to the styling of her wig. There's nothing about this that isn't absolute perfection. She even nailed the graceful elven-blood features, as well.

I have to say too that I met her once at a convention in passing and she was absolutely the sweetest person ever. If you love cosplay and are interested in learning more about the craft itself, I'd highly recommend checking her out on Facebook right here! You won't regret it, she's incredibly active with her fans and is known for her progression shots as well. The perfect mentor to have for those looking to get into cosplay.

As for Ciri, you can learn more about the character, and who will be playing her in the upcoming Netflix series, with our The Witcher Hub right here.