This 'The Witcher' Documentary Shows Off the Struggles Behind CD Projekt RED's Award-Winning RPG

For fans of the critically acclaimed The Witcher series, there's a documentary that has been [...]

For fans of the critically acclaimed The Witcher series, there's a documentary that has been making its rounds once more on social media and is perfect for those that might not have known this mini-series existed. It includes exclusive sneak peaks with the developers themselves and the long, hard road that the franchise saw from its novel-to-game transition.

The documentary itself is split into 6 different parts, allowing for unique looks into the world behind the The Witcher:

  • The Story of CD Projekt
  • Remembering The Witcher 1 & 2
  • Creating the World of The Witcher 3
  • The Quests of Wild Hunt
  • Found in Translation
  • The Devil's in the Details

From the creator himself, here is the official description of the upcoming documentary:

"Introducing our six-part mini-series on the history and design of The Witcher franchise. Featuring interviews with over a dozen CD Projekt veterans, we explore the creation of the games from several unique perspectives including level design, quest design, localization, adaptation, living world design and more."

The documentary is available now right here for fans of the iconic RPG franchise. For those that may not know, the highly acclaimed video game series is actually an adaptation of a book series by Polish author Anjrzej Sapkowski, which has eight books total to the franchise.

As far as the series protagonist: Geralt of Rivia is a Witcher; a genetically enhanced with special abilities that help him, and others like him, slay the monsters out in the world. A sword for hire, as well as his own special quests, Geralt must make a critical choice his "path" in life; will he fight for freedom, for Temeria, or will he stay true only to himself? From there, his life only became stranger and stranger.

The Witcher franchise is a highly acclaimed RPG that has won countless of awards through the years. The new documentary is a unique take on a world many gamers have already fallen in love with. To find out more, as well as watch it for yourself, check out the creator's official website here.