This Doom/Crash Bandicoot Dank Meme Gameplay Clip Is Beyond Ridiculous

So if you've been scouring the Internet as of late, you might have come across the Crash Bandicoot dank meme, in which a deformed version of the hero looks depressed at first, only to perk up with a mighty "WHOA!" and bum rush the screen. And now, we've seen some creative use of that meme in video game form – and in the most unlikely game to boot.

The Crash Bandicoot meme is on full display in this remixed Doom clip, put together by Jaxxoon R on YouTube. In it, your ultra-tough marine runs through hell as usual, only instead of facing demons, you're coming across a bunch of Crash Bandicoots that go "WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA" when they try to attack you. Their death animation isn't much (just them frowning), but, we have to admit, this is pretty incredible use of a meme in a video game clip.


Watch it above, and prepare to go "WHOA!"