Titanfall 2 Getting New Map, Other Free Goodies Next Week

Even though the game may not have performed as well as Electronic Arts was hoping (that’s what [...]

Even though the game may not have performed as well as Electronic Arts was hoping (that's what happens when you release it around the same time as Battlefield 1), Titanfall 2 is still getting a strong amount of support from the team at Respawn Entertainment. And it just laid down the plans for what's to come with the next update for the game, which will drop on August 29th.

The update, which features a lot of new free content, will revolve around a new Live Fire map called Uma, which features plenty of sharp gameplay for on-foot soldiers. On top of that, though, more content is also being added to Frontier Defense, and there are plenty of new Elite Weapon Variants.

The full rundown of content from Postcards From the Frontier is below. Again, it arrives next Tuesday.

New Live Fire Map

  • Uma– Tight corridors guide combat into three arenas flanked by balconies, doorways, and windows. A large central divider provides cover for short range effectiveness, with a long flank that opens opportunities for confident marksmen.

New Execution

  • Hole in the Wall (Amped Wall)– Kill 5 Pilots while Amped Wall is active to unlock

More Maps for Frontier Defense

  • Angel City
  • Drydock
  • Exoplanet

New Elite Weapon Variants

  • Thunderbolt "8-bit"
  • Spitfire "Lead Farmer"
  • Devotion "RSPN Custom"
  • Hemlock "Mochi"
  • Kraber "Masterwork"
  • R-97 "Purple Fade"
  • R-201 "Frontier Patriot"
  • Mozambique "Crimson Fury

Each comes with a Squad Leader Bonus:

  • 10% chance per owned Elite skin (up to 30%) to earn a Double XP token at the end of a match.
  • Grants one extra merit to you and your teammates at the end of a match. A player can only receive this bonus once per match.
  • $4.99 each or $24.99 for the bundle of 8 (bundle limited time only until 9/26).

New Featured Modes

  • Aegis Titan Brawl
  • Aegis Last Titan Standing

Various new Callsign banners will be added to the update as well.

You can check out the trailer above, and don't forget that if you have an Xbox One and or/PC, and EA Access/Origin Access, you can get the game for free! And that includes these updates!

Titanfall 2 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.