Titanfall Mobile Spin-Off Launching Soon

A new Titanfall spin-off for mobile devices called Titanfall: Assault is set to be released pretty [...]

(Photo: Respawn)

A new Titanfall spin-off for mobile devices called Titanfall: Assault is set to be released pretty soon, a game that's shaping up to be pretty different from the main mech-based series that most gamers know.

The mobile game that's coming on Aug. 10 will offer a very different experience from the other Titanfall games aside from the fact that it'll be on mobile devices. This newest game will also be a real-time strategy title, something that the CEO of Titanfall's developer, Respawn, said posed certain challenges to the team but also gave them plenty of freedom.

Vince Zampella, the Respawn boss, told GameSpot in an interview that he and the team explored many options before reaching the final result that is Titanfall: Assault.

"It really was a trial and error type of thing," Zampella said to GameSpot. "The good thing is that we have some kind of framework to what the universe actually is, and you tend to always think, 'Well, we have a good idea on what the rules are.' And then when you start getting into it you realize there's a number of different things to think about."

Zampella continued, saying that the new game allowed them to do more with the characters from the Titanfall universe.

"It's actually fun, when you think about all the backstories and characters, you have to put a whole universe together to draw from," he said. "It's a really fun process. It lets us expose characters that aren't necessarily in the game, or are just bit players and it gives you more life to the universe. It was a good process."

As far as moving to mobile is concerned, Particle City CEO Larry Pacey also said that the platform is all about bringing players together to one common area.

"It really came down to wanting to bring players together on a competitive landscape, and what better way to do that than by leveraging everyone's mobile devices," said Pacey in the same interview. "That was the impetus from day one, and we pretty much gave the team carte-blanche to go out and tell us what the perfect game for the mobile space would be. What they've come back with is Titanfall: Assault, and it's a real-time strategy game where you play the commander overseeing three pilots, three titans, and a library of support units in the form of burn cards."

Titanfall: Assault is scheduled to release for mobile devices on Aug. 10.