Tomb Raider Unreleased Remake Has Been Discovered And It's Playable

An unreleased Tomb Raider game that was seemingly meant to be a remake of the original installment in the franchise has been uncovered. The game was being developed by Core Design but was eventually canceled. Crystal Dynamics instead then opted to release Tomb Raider: Anniversary instead across a number of platforms in 2007.

The way in which this project, entitled Tomb Raider: 10th Anniversary, was uncovered is rather interesting. The game’s assets were discovered on Internet Archive and can actually be downloaded and viewed. In fact, perhaps the wildest part of this story is that the game is in a playable state. While it’s obviously not the full experience, what’s included is surprisingly comprehensive. The only notable missing component is likely that of enemies. But if you want to run around the game’s world that was built out, you can absolutely do so.

What’s likely the most interesting aspect of this new resurfacing of Tomb Raider: 10th Anniversary comes with what the game’s assets were planned to become later on. After being canceled, Core Design is said to have taken the assets that it had on hand from Tomb Raider and began looking to make an Indiana Jones video game. This title centered around the legendary action hero, much like 10th Anniversary, was eventually canned though and never saw the light of day. Core Design as a whole then shut down in 2010.

If you’re a major Tomb Raider fan, this new uncovering is one of the more interesting finds that has been associated with the series in quite some time. Even if you don't plan on downloading these assets for yourself and playing with them, you can get a look at what this remake was supposed to look like in the video attached above.


So what do you think about this new find? And how do you feel about the future of Tomb Raider as a whole? Hit me up over on Twitter at @MooreMan12 or give me your thoughts in the comments below.

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