New Tomb Raider Trailer Reveals an Exciting and Dangerous Lara Croft

Warner Bros. just revealed a brand new trailer for Tomb Raider, showing off what is perhaps the [...]

Warner Bros. just revealed a brand new trailer for Tomb Raider, showing off what is perhaps the most athletic Lara Croft we've ever seen. Over the years we've had the pleasure of watching this character evolve from a video game sex symbol to a full-blown action star, and we couldn't be more pleased by Alicia Vikander's representation. Check out the action-packed trailer above!

This trailer focuses much more on the theme of legacy and family than past footage. Indeed, in the newer Tomb Raider games the focus on Lara's family and her past is brought more thoroughly to light, and it ends up fleshing out her character in a more gratifying way. We're glad to see that they've taken this to heart in the film, which shows a Lara Croft determined to see her father's work through, and take up his charge to stop an impending genocide.

Alicia Vikander has gone above and beyond to bring this new Lara Croft to life. With each new teaser and on-set photo we've been amazed to see Vikander suspended high in the air, balancing on beams, and roped into wires and harnesses for certain stunts. Just look at this photo of her working out with her trainer -- she's ripped!

From what little we know about the film, it's turning out to be a reboot of sorts, just like the 2013 game. Lara Croft's father, and Croft's family generally, have always played pretty mysterious roles in the games. Croft manor has always stood as a testament to the exploits and accomplishments of the Croft line, and Lara has always assumed the role of explorer and adventurer after her father.

In the film, Lara's father goes missing when she's very young, and she's left to take charge of the family business in his absence. Apathetic and wandering, Lara rejects this role and decides to venture out to eh island where her father was believed to have disappeared. The film follows her adventure as she seeks to uncover the mystery of what her father was searching for on that mysterious island to begin with, and his fate.