Twitch And Bluehole Hosting Huge PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Tournament For Charity

Battle 2

Chicken dinners for all! At least, that's the theme Twitch and Bluehole, the developers of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, have in mind for their forthcoming charity tournament.

The streaming company recently announced plans to host a huge Battlegrounds tournament, which will kick off tomorrow, December 5th, at 10 AM PDT, with 64 teams from both North America and Europe battling it out Battle Royale style, competing in a $200,000 charity tournament to see who's the top dog.

Both Twitch and Bluehole contributed $100,000 each for charity as part of the PUBG Winter Charity Invitational, which features a number of top-notch streaming stars going at it in an all-out battle for survival.

Battle 2

"The top three winners of this tournament will have an opportunity to select a charity to receive a donation from Twitch in the participant's name," Twitch explained in its blog post. "A large contribution will also be made directly to Gamers Outreach, who provide kids in hospitals with recreation and therapy through the power of video games."

As for the tournament layout, here's how it works. "Each region will pit 32 duos against each other in five matches, starting with the EU bracket at 10 AM PDT, followed by the NA bracket at 2 PM PDT." All the action can be watched on the main Battlegrounds channel, with commentary by Matt "Matrym" Oates and Steve "Toffees" Pierce. (Individual streamers will have their channels at the ready as well.)

Here's how the schedule breaks down for the day:

10:00AM PT / 7:00PM CET — EU Game 1
10:45AM PT / 7:45PM CET — EU Game 2
11:30AM PT / 8:30PM CET — EU Game 3
12:15AM PT / 9:15PM CET — EU Game 4
1:00PM PT / 10:00PM CET — EU Game 5

2:00PM PT — NA Game 1
2:45PM PT — NA Game 2
3:30PM PT — NA Game 3
4:15PM PT — NA Game 4
5:00PM PT — NA Game 5


Good luck to all those involved, and let's put those frying pans to good use!

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is available now on Steam Early Access, and will get a full PC release soon. The Xbox One version is set to arrive on December 12th.