Ubisoft Comments on E3 Cancellation Following Coronavirus Concerns

Today, the Entertainment Software Association officially cancelled E3 2020 amid concerns over [...]

Today, the Entertainment Software Association officially cancelled E3 2020 amid concerns over Coronavirus. While a number of industry events have been cancelled as a direct response to the virus, the news does come as a bit of a surprise given the fact that E3 is still some months away. However, given the amount of planning and spending required for an event the size of E3, it does make sense, and most publishers have aired their disappointment, while also voicing their support for the decision. Among those publishers is Ubisoft, who also teased that a digital presentation will likely take the place of their live presentation.

With the convention officially off-the-table, it will be interesting to see if E3 does manifest this year as a curated digital experience. Companies like Nintendo and Limited Run Games were already doing presentations in video format during the show's hours, so it will be interesting to see if other publishers follow suit, or hold their events at completely different times.

For many gamers, the cancellation of E3 is certainly sad news. The show's future already seemed to be on shaky ground with Sony deciding not to participate in 2019's show, and again in 2020, but it will be interesting to see what happens in 2021. It's entirely possible that the ESA will decide to move forward with the show in its standard format, but if companies like Ubisoft find that the digital presentation is more effective, it could encourage them to consider dropping their support for E3. There are certainly a lot of questions following today's announcement, and it will likely be some time before there are answers.

In the meantime, it will be interesting to see what Ubisoft has to show-off during the show. Perhaps the publisher will finally have an update on Beyond Good & Evil 2, or some word on Rabbids: Adventure Party, which is currently exclusive for Nintendo Switch owners in China. While the news of E3's cancellation will certainly dishearten fans, it's great to see that the publisher will still proceed with their plans in some capacity. With PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X set to release later this year, there could be a lot to look forward to.

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