Valve Gives Away 5,000 Free Steam Games After Confusing Sale Event

Steam Summer Sale
(Photo: Valve)

Steam’s Summer Sale was accompanied by a Grand Prix event this year that gave out free games to users whose teams placed well in the race. Lots of people got games from the event, but the only problem was that it was more complicated than intended which turned some people off of it. There were multiple teams, points to be earned, wishlists to be considered and altered, and tokens to be redeemed. Valve addressed the complications surrounding the event in the past, and as an apology and thanks for everyone who participated, 5,000 more users are getting one free game.

The site set up for the Grand Prix currently displays Team Corgi as the winner now that the race has been run. Users on that team got the most amount of games from their wishlists since the team had nine victories overall which means that at least 2,700 users on that team received whatever game was at the top of their wishlist. How they won and what players had to do wasn’t always clear though, a point Valve acknowledged in a mid-race update from June.

“We designed something pretty complicated with a whole bunch of numbers and rules and recognize we should’ve been more clear,” Valve said. “We want to apologize for the confusion that this has caused, and also apologize for the broken mechanics that have led to an unbalanced event.”

With the event now at an end, Valve thanked everyone once again for their participating. The company apologized for the “unexpected turns” which were encountered during the race and said it’ll plan better for future races, so it looks like we could very well see the Grand Prix return in another form later on. Whether that happens or not remains to be seen, but we do at least know that some users are getting extra games from this event.


“As an extra gift for those that participated, we have randomly selected 5,000 users that contributed from any team in the Steam Grand Prix to receive the top game from their wishlist,” Valve said. “Users that were randomly selected will receive their gift within 48 hours from the end of the Steam Grand Prix.”

Even if you didn’t participate in the Grand Prix event and were just on Steam for the deals, you probably picked up a few games at a discount from the event. It’s scheduled to end at 10 a.m. PT, so you can probably pick up one or two more if you hurry.