Videogamedunkey Launches New Indie Game Publisher

YouTuber Videogamedunkey has announced a new indie game publisher known as BIGMODE. The indie scene is growing more and more in gaming with platforms offering more visibility to creators. Of course, on the Xbox 360 there was a whole section for indie games, but a lot of them were pretty barebones and lacked any kind of distinguishing features, save for a few. As time has gone on, Xbox and PlayStation have tried to work more closely with indie developers to highlight their work and bring some of the most promising games to these consoles. Indies are taken far more seriously now and the artistry sometimes shows that even a small team can make something worthy of a game of the year contender.

To help indie games find their audience, YouTuber Jason 'Videogamedunkey' Gastrow and his wife, Leah, have started an indie game publisher known as BIGMODE. The aim of the publisher is to support original, fun, and quality indie games and will be able to assist with funding, merchandising, PR, development support, and more. The website for BIGMODE also notes that it will not be assisting games that feature crypto, NFTs, or blockchain. The site also includes a place to network, allowing those in the gaming industry the opportunity to get involved with BIGMODE's efforts. As of right now, BIGMODE has not announced any projects, but it's likely the publisher will receive a ton of opportunities in the coming weeks given Videogamedunkey's reach. The creator released a YouTube video detailing his reasons for creating the publisher and noted that he doesn't want to have creative control over anyone's games.

As of right now, it remains to be seen what will come of this publisher. Will BIGMODE publish the next big indie game? Who knows! However, it's exciting to see someone using their platform in such a powerful and positive way. Videogamedunkey seems to be a big believer in indie games, so he'll certainly have an eye for exciting projects.

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