The Witcher's Geralt Trailer Reveals New Footage of Monster Battle

With just over a week to go until the release of The Witcher, Netflix is working overtime to build hype for the upcoming series. This week, a series of trailers centered around each of the show's main characters were released, with the stars discussing their character's background, their motivations and more. While quite a bit of information has been released in the build-up to the show, one thing that hasn't really been seen are the monsters Geralt will be battling. In a recent interview, showrunner Lauren Hissrich revealed that the monsters in the show have been kept mostly out of promotional material in order to build anticipation. However, one of the few creatures we have seen before does appear in some new footage towards the end of Geralt's trailer.

The arachnid like creature and Geralt square off around the 2:31 mark in the trailer. It has not been officially confirmed, but the creature bears a strong resemblance to the Arachnomorphs that have previously appeared in The Witcher 3 DLC packs Hearts of Stone and Blood of Wine.

The new monster fight footage is certainly a highlight, but the rest of the trailer is equally interesting. Geralt actor Henry Cavill clearly has a passion for the character. According to the show's EP Tomek Baginski, that character will skew closely to the short stories of AndrzejIn Sapkowski. In those tales, the invasion of the Kingdom of Cintra by the Empire of Nilfgaard alters the course of Geralt's life. After escaping the invasion, Cintra's princess Ciri comes under the care of Geralt, and the two find themselves accompanied by the sorceress Yennefer of Vengerberg, Geralt's former lover. The relationship that forms between these three characters forms the crux of The Witcher's narrative.

While Netflix has received a lot of positive attention for original content like The Irishman, the company seems to be putting quite a bit more effort than usual into selling casual audiences on The Witcher. With so many streaming services to compete with and major Netflix staples like Friends departing for the competition, the company's original content will be needed more than ever before to keep subscribers interested.


The Witcher will premiere on Netflix on December 20th. Are you excited for the series? What do you think of the footage released so far? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!