New World War Z Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Today, developer Saber Interactive – who you may recognize from the NBA Playgrounds series – [...]

Today, developer Saber Interactive – who you may recognize from the NBA Playgrounds series – released a new gameplay trailer of World War Z, its upcoming four-player cooperative game based on the 2013 blockbuster of the same name.

Dubbed "Stories in Moscow" the new trailer details the various and unique survivor stories players will encounter as they partake in missions around the world in locations that are featured in the movie (in this case Moscow). Showing off a bit of the Moscow location and new gameplay featuring the game's massive zombie hordes, the footage looks like the baby of Days Gone and Left 4 Dead, which ain't a bad baby to be.

In addition to Moscow, Saber Interactive has confirmed that other locations from the movie – like New York and Jerusalem – will be featured in the game at launch, with more to come post-launch.

There notably hasn't been a great deal of information divulged about World War Z, so this new trailer showing of its co-op action and previewing its co-op campaign is nice to have. How extensive the game's campaign will be, remains to be seen. Judging by what has been said and shown of the game so far, the focus appears to be the co-op, and not single player. That said, I wouldn't cross your fingers too hard for a robust single-player campaign with an epic narrative. But I could be wrong.

We know that like many horde defense games, players will be building traps and constructing barriers in order to survive the onslaught, as well as utilize heavier weapons like mounted machine guns and assault rifles.

World War Z is in development for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, poised to release sometime later this year. The new trailer notably says "coming soon," which seems to indicate a release date announcement might be right around the corner, perhaps coming during E3 next month. If the game is indeed shipping this year, a release date announcement has to be coming sooner rather than later, and there's no better stage to make such an announcement than at E3.

For more details and media on the game be sure to check out Saber Interactive's official website.