WWE 2K18: Seth Rollins' Thanos Gear Now Available on PS4

Wrestling attire for WWE star Seth Rollins that’s inspired by the wrestler’s Thanos-themed [...]

Wrestling attire for WWE star Seth Rollins that's inspired by the wrestler's Thanos-themed SummerSlam look is now available in WWE 2K18.

The outfit that bears a striking resemblance to the gear Thanos wore in Avengers: Infinity War was worn by Rollins during his SummerSlam appearance in a match against Dolph Ziggler. Twitter user and WWE 2K18 community creator giamsamir shared a tweet that showed they'd added the outfit to the wrestling game through the community creations system that allows players to create their own superstars, outfits, and more. If you own the game on the PlayStation 4, you can now download Rollins' Thanos outfit by searching for it within the community creation marketplace. The wrestling attire was previewed by the creator in the tweet below.

Rollins' outfit he wore during SummerSlam used the same blue, black, and gold color scheme that Thanos did, but if there was any doubt that he was going for a Thanos look, his right boot gave it away. Many of Rollins' moves, including his finishing curb stomp, depend on the use of his right foot, so instead of carrying an Infinity Gauntlet on his arm, that part of Thanos' character was instead transferred to Rollins' right foot. The golden boot matched the gold found elsewhere in his outfit and pulled together the whole Thanos look.

The wrestler's Infinity Boot and the rest of the outfit was apparently enough to help him in his match, with the wrestler taking the Intercontinental Championship away from Ziggler. Rollins and Ziggler wrestled with Dean Ambrose and Drew McIntyre joining them ringside to make sure there was no interference, but of course there would be. While Ambrose and McIntyre fought outside the ring, Rollins eventually finished off Ziggler with his signature curb stomp move that emphasizes the Thanos-inspired boot.

While Rollins' SummerSlam attire attracted plenty of attention during the event, it's not the only outfit that WWE 2K18 players can now download. The same Twitter user who created Rollins' outfit has two more SummerSlam outfits that they previewed on Twitter, one for AJ Styles and the other for Daniel Bryan, all of which are downloadable for PlayStation 4 players.