Xbox Engineer Helps Player Save Old Xbox 360 Profile Pic

While Xbox consoles allow players to keep using the avatars they purchased on older hardware, some [...]

While Xbox consoles allow players to keep using the avatars they purchased on older hardware, some have found that these images continue to shrink with each subsequent generation. Twitter user @noukon revealed that this is the case for his beloved Pac-Man ghost gamerpic, purchased for $1 on the Xbox 360 back in 2006. In an image shared to Twitter, the ghost icon can be seen as just a tiny spec in the current Xbox avatar circle. The Tweet happened to catch the attention of Xbox engineer Eden Marie. Marie replied to the Tweet saying she would try her best to fix it.

The original Tweets can be found embedded below.

Marie immediately set to work. The problem, it seems, is that Xbox 360's gamerpics were meant to be squares, and the current circular avatar leads to display problems. However, Marie was able to resolve the issue, and it should work for all Xbox 360 gamerpics! Interestingly enough, in her thread detailing how the fix works, Marie revealed that Xbox's Experiences team allows workers to spend half a day each week on "any random thing that tickles our fancy in the product." The engineer decided to make this her pet project that week, and the results speak for themselves! @noukon was also pleased with Marie's efforts, stating that he "will never feel better about a dollar in my entire life."

The gamerpic fix has been released first for Xbox Insiders, but will be rolled out to everyone else later. It's really interesting to see how this element was preserved, and it's cool that players will be able to continue to enjoy the gamerpics they've been using for several years. In the grand scheme of things, it might not seem like a big deal, but Marie clearly went above and beyond to help. The engineer also reached out on Twitter asking users to show how their old avatars have been improved by the fix. Clearly, she's pleased with how this all worked out!

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