Latest Xbox One Alpha Update Now Available, Adds "Do Not Disturb" Option

The newest update for the Xbox One’s Preview Update Alpha is now available that includes [...]

Xbox One

The newest update for the Xbox One's Preview Update Alpha is now available that includes often-requested features like a "Do Not Disturb" option.

Being able to set your status to one that'll prevent others from bothering you during your gaming is one that got Xbox One owners excited when it was first announced to be in testing, and for those in the Alpha ring, it's finally here for further testing. Using the feature is as simple as navigating to your Guide and looking at the options in your profile where you'll now find an option to set a status to prevent any notifications from appearing on-screen.

In addition to the anti-distraction feature, the new update also add more customization of inactivity options that'll automatically turn off the console after a certain amount of time spent inactive. Mini Game Hubs are also new to the update, though you'll notice the notes beneath that section such as Scheduled Themes and Guide Enhancements were part of a previous update that released last week.

Check out all of the changes below minus the known issues and fixes, those able to be seen in the full list of changes.

Inactivity Shutdown Options

  • We've added additional inactivity shutdown options to the Power mode & startup menu. In addition to shutting down the console after one or six hours of inactivity, you're now able to select options for two, three, four and five hours. To enable the inactivity shutdown options:
  1. Under Options, select the "Turn off after" dropdown menu.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Power & startup > Power mode & startup.

Do Not Disturb

  • Sometimes all you want to do is avoid all distractions and focus entirely on your game. We've included a "Do not disturb" online status, which will suppress notifications and let your friends know that you're not available for another game or activity right now. To enable Do not disturb status:
  1. Open the Guideand select your profile icon to the far left.
  2. Select My profile.
  3. From the Appear online dropdown to the right, select Do not disturb.

Mini Game Hubs

  • With Mini Game Hubs you can access great content for the games you've played recently from a Game Hub without ever having to leave the action. Mini Game Hubs provide an easy way to see friends who are currently playing, upcoming Achievements, Looking for Group posts, and more. To find the Mini Game Hub, launch the Guide and look for a new icon to the right of all Game tiles in the Home section.

Scheduled Themes

  • You asked—we listened! We're excited to announce that we've added the ability to put your themes on a schedule. In addition to choosing either the light or dark theme, you can now schedule a time to automatically switch between them. Simply follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to Settings > Personalization > Theme & motion.
  2. Select Scheduled from the "System theme" dropdown.
  3. Select the times at which you want the light theme to start and end.

Guide Enhancements

  • A new icon will appear in the Guide. The Guide Game Pass Discovery Tile (the "Surprise me with a random Game Pass Game tile"), now shows in Guide.