Xbox Boss Teases Long-Awaited Feature

The Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S do a lot better than the PS4 and the PS5, respectively. However, there are also plenty of places where both generation Xbox consoles lag behind their generational rivals. One place where Xbox needs to go back to the drawing board is Achievements, which are inferior to PlayStation's Trophies in just about every way. The best part of PlayStation's trophies system is the awarding tiers, which are capped by elusive Platinum Trophies. There's no equal to the Platinum Trophy on Xbox, but this could finally change sometime in the nearish future.

Speaking about Platinum Trophies and whether or not Xbox will ever implement something similar, Xbox's director of project management Jason Ronald, confirmed Xbox has heard the feedback and it's something he and others at Xbox have had at the top of their minds.

"We've definitely heard that feedback," said Ronald. "Achievements are an interesting one because everybody plays games differently. So we really think about, how do we reward people for playing the way that you want to, and the games that you want to? There are some players who just prefer to play multiplayer. What are we doing to reward them and show progression and things like that? There are other people who like to play tons of different games, so how do we go ahead and respect that investment? And then there are other people like myself where I'm a completionist and I literally want to complete everything within a game. So, it's a balance and it's definitely an area that we've heard some feedback on. Nothing to announce today, but definitely top of mind for us as we look to the road ahead."

For now, who knows what will come of this. That said, as we wait for more information or lack thereof, feel free to leave a comment or two letting us know what you think or, alternatively, hit me up on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ to talk all things gaming. Should Xbox have something akin to the Platinum Trophy?

H/T, Iron Lords Podcast and Pure Xbox.