White Xbox One X Stand-alone Release Leaked

(Photo: Microsoft)

Previously, the white Xbox One X has only been available via a special, limited-time bundle that included either Forza Horizon 4 or Fallout 76, but it appears like Microsoft is finally going to be releasing the console as a stand-alone purchase.

According to Console Deals, a site that treks in breaking and leaking hardware news, a new white Xbox One X non-bundle has leaked via numerous places on the Internet, and as it points out, could be announced tomorrow during Microsoft's XO18 event in Mexico City.

The initial leak came way of Amazon, who went live with a listing of a "Xbox One X 1TB White - Game Pass & Live bundle" that is, apparently, releasing next Thursday on November 15. This is notably a day after Fallout 76 releases, and is perhaps Microsoft waiting until the game releases so it doesn't step on the toes of that aforementioned special bundle.

Not longer after this leak, an Ebay listing out of England was spotted featuring the white console by itself. Now, it's possible that this is nothing more than a Forza or Fallout 76 bundle without the extra promotional sleeve on it, but this seems unlikely given that the fact that the console comes with a game would be a notably selling point for the seller.

November 15 is notably one week before Black Friday kicks in, so it would make sense Microsoft would want a new Xbox One X for the busy market time.

That said, as always, all leaks of this nature should be taken with a grain of salt. Until official confirmation, or until you see a white Xbox One X in your local store, it's best to reserve a grain of salt.


A white Xbox One X should go a long way for players who have a white entertainment system setup, and thus don't want a decorative clash with the normal Xbox One X. While I personally enjoy the black PS4 and Xbox One over their white counter-parts, I have to admit that the white Xbox One X looks pretty slick and like something straight out of the future.

Anyway, we will be sure to update you when and if Microsoft officially announces a stand-alone release of the white Xbox One X.