Tons of Anime T-Shirts Are 40% Off Today Only

Hot Topic and its sister site BoxLunch are running a big 40% off t-shirt sale until the end of the [...]


Hot Topic and its sister site BoxLunch are running a big 40% off t-shirt sale until the end of the day today, March 25th. The sale covers shirts for dozens of fandoms, but Hot Topic and BoxLunch's collection of anime shirts is especially strong.

With the sale, most of the anime shirts are hovering in the $13-$18 range. They've also dropped the free shipping threshold to $20, which is nice given the fact that all Hot Topic and BoxLunch locations are closed until further notice. You can browse Hot Topic's anime shirt collection here, and BoxLunch's anime shirt collection here. There are hundreds of designs for fans of My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball, Naruto Shippuden, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and more.


On that note, Hot Topic recently released hi-top sneakers and sandals with official My Hero Academia, Naruto, and Dragon Ball Z designs.

Without a doubt, our favorite design of the bunch is the My Hero Academia hi-top, which features a vibrant color scheme inspired by Deku's costume. The My Hero Academia logo and Deku's name are highlighted on the back. You can order a pair here in men's sizes 6-12 for $44.90. The slide sandal option is inspired by the U.A. High School gym uniform, and can be ordered here in sizes SM to XL for $24.90.


The Naruto Shippuden hi-top sneakers come in Naruto black and orange with the Konohagakure "Hidden Leaf Village" symbol on the outer side. On the back you'll find a Naruto logo along with what might be a Naruto quote or character name in Japanese. Many of the sizes are sold out at the time of writing, but you can order a pair here for $39.90 when it's replenished. The Naruto slides with the Akatsuki red clouds is our favorite of the sandal designs, and you can grab a pair here for $24.90. Again, sizes are limited at the moment.


Finally, we have Dragon Ball Z hi-top sneakers in a classic Goku blue and orange colorway. The shoes also include Goku's kanji symbol embroidered on the outside. The sandals feature a similar design with Goku's kanji symbol on the right and Master Roshi's kanji on the left. You can order the sneakers here for $44.90. The sandals are available here for $24.90.

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