You Can Get Three Free Audiobooks Just For Trying Audible Today Only


Audiobooks are the best. I’ve been able to squeeze in dozens of extra books each year because I can listen while doing other things - like driving, cooking, and eating meals. Having an Audible membership (and Echo devices) has made that possible, and Amazon has a deal going on 30-day Audible trials for Digital Day that is too good to pass up.

Today - December 29th - only, you can get three free audiobooks to keep just for starting a 30-day free trial. Even if you cancel the trial before the subscription starts, the books are yours. Just keep in mind that the deal is good for new Audible members only. If that sounds good, you can give it a whirl right here.

But which books should you choose for your free three? As you can see from the image above, they’re pushing Andy Weir’s Artemis very hard because of the popularity of his previous book The Martian. I’ve noticed that people have either loved or hated Artemis - I was in the latter camp. The fact that I listened to this one may have had an impact on my opinion, but I don’t think Rosario Dawson had much to work with. In situations like this, the good news is that you can order a book and swap it for free anytime if you don’t like it - so you never have to worry about wasting a credit.

Personally, I would go for something like the three books in Brandon Sanderson’s ongoing Stormlight Archive series for the free trial deal. While there is definitely something to be said for owning the physical copies of masterpieces like these, Kate Reading and Michael Kramer do a fantastic job with the narration. Plus, you’ll get roughly a million hours of entertainment for free with the trial deal.

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