Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro Controller Gets Its Biggest Deal Yet


Hori's Split Pad Pro controller for the Nintendo Switch offers an ergonomic, full-size controller experience when using the console in handheld mode. The buttons and sticks are larger for one thing, and it throws in features like programmable triggers, assignable buttons and turbo functionality.

Recently Translucent Black, Volcanic Red, and Midnight Blue colors were added, and the Blue version is available here on Amazon for $39.60 (21% off) - an all-time low for the range. The Translucent Black option isn't much more at $40.49. If you want the red version, you can grab it here on Amazon for $42.10 (16% off). Keep tabs on Walmart to price match.


Note that the Split Pad Pro for the Nintendo Switch is also available with Pokemon themes like Black and Gold Pikachu ($48 on Amazon) and Pikachu and Eevee ($55.38).

The Split Pad Pro offers a better Nintendo Switch handheld experience than the traditional Joy-Cons regardless of which style you choose. Needless to say, the programmable features will come in very handy for a lot of games. And there's not a game out for the Switch that wouldn't be improved in handheld mode with full-size analog sticks and a proper D-pad.

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