McFarlane Toys Teases a Spectacular Batman Beyond Figure

McFarlane Toys has revealed that a 7-inch Batman figure based on the 1999 Batman Beyond animated series is on the way for the Spring of 2021. They teased the upcoming DC Multiverse figure with a single image, but it's more than enough to get us hyped about the release. You can take a look at it below.

As you will see, Terry McGinnis' Batman is about to get a spectacular Batman Beyond figure with one of the coolest head sculpts that we've ever seen from McFarlane Toys. Details on accessories haven't been revealed at this point, but an unmasked head sculpt would definitely be on our wish list. If it ends up on some sort of variant, we'll be angry about it.


On that note, McFarlane Toys also launched several additional figures in their DC Multiverse lineup recently. This includes Red Son Superman, Dark Nights Metal The Drowned, Dark Nights: Death Metal Batman, and Damien Wayne as Robin from Teen Titans. Pre-orders for all of these figures are live here at GameStop for $24.99 with shipping slated for March 1st, but McFarlane Toys has confirmed that pre-orders will also be available here at Amazon and here at Walmart "soon". That said, you might want to hold out for a better deal.


If you go for the McFarlane Toys' Dark Nights: Death Metal Batman figure, you'll definitely need the Death Metal skeleton Batcycle to pair it with. The vehicle sold out quickly on Amazon recently, but you can still pre-order it here at Entertainment Earth for $24.99. We've been told that quantities are decent at EE on this one, but a sell out is inevitable.

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