The Simpsons Gets a Massive New Wave of Funko Pops With Deluxe and Exclusive Figures


Some big holes in Funko's The Simpsons Pop figure lineup were filled today thanks to the launch of a massive wave that includes commons, exclusives, super-sized Pops, and Deluxe offerings.

Some of the standouts in Funko's new The Simpsons Pop figure wave include the Homer Watching TV Deluxe Pop, Chief Wiggum, Barney, Duffman, Itchy and Scratchy, the 6-inch Lard Lad, and Mr. Plow - but there's more where that came from. Here's the breakdown complete with pre-order links.


The Simpsons Common Funko Pop Figure Releases


The Simpsons Exclusive Pop Figure Releases

  • Mr Plow Pop Figure - Order at Hot Topic
  • Ralph Wiggum - Coming Soon to the Funko Shop
  • Sideshow Bog - Coming Soon to the Funko Shop

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