Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn Join the DC Leather Jacket Lineup

Last month a line of official Justice League leather jackets arrived with fantastic designs [...]

Last month a line of official Justice League leather jackets arrived with fantastic designs inspired by Batman, The Flash, and the Justice League as a whole. Well, we've found what appears to be the missing Wonder Woman leather jacket from that group. We've also learned that Harley Quinn wasn't happy with the heroes getting all of the attention, so she's added a new leather jacket of her own to the mix.

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(Photo: BoxLunch)

The Wonder Woman leather jacket features a Sherpa-style collar and cuffs, a Wonder Woman logo on the chest, patches on the sleeves, and burnished Wonder Woman zipper plus on the closure and outer pockets. The red interior features a "Join the Fight!" logo on the back, Wonder Woman branding on the internal drop pocket, and an internal zip pocket. You can order the Wonder Woman leather Sherpa jacket right here for $279.90.

Unfortunately, that price is significantly higher than the $174.99 price tag of the Justice League leather jackets we featured from Merchoid, which is based out of the UK. It seems as though some sort of import situation happening here as BoxLunch is also selling The Flash and Justice League jackets at $259.90 each. Those jackets are listed as BoxLunch exclusives (exclusive in the U.S. perhaps) and they're available to ship now while Merchoid's line won't ship until April. BoxLunch's lineup differs from Merchoid's with the addition of a Wonder Woman jacket and an alternate design for the Batman jacket. Presumably, all of these jackets are part of the same overall Justice League line.

As for Harley Quinn, BoxLunch is the only place that we've been able to find the Little Monster leather jacket, which can be ordered here for $269.90. It takes Harley Quinn's Suicide Squad look and "kicks up a notch" with stitching, detailing, and printed interior lining.