Destination Fear Season Finale Clip Features a Terrifyingly Close Encounter (Exclusive)

When it comes to holiday celebrations, ghosts are typically a highlight of Halloween, but as we know from the song "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year," December festivities also bring with them scary ghost stories, as you can witness in the below clip from the season finale of Destination Fear. For those of you who prefer to celebrate Christmas with creepy stories about figures from the past, you'll be able to check out the team's investigation into Spike Island on the Travel Channel on December 25th at 9 p.m. ET, the same day it will be available to stream on discovery+.

In the season finale, "The second part of the team's epic trip to Ireland takes them to Spike Island, one of Ireland's most haunted and notorious prisons -- also known as 'Hell on Earth' and 'Ireland's Alcatraz.' The dark forces on the island are overwhelming, and terror hits Tanner like a ton of bricks. But something else lights up Dakota with a fear he's never experienced before."

The rest of this season is currently streaming on discovery+, with the rest of the investigations being described as follows:

"Twin Bridges Orphanage"

  • The team finds themselves blinded by terror in an abandoned Montana orphanage. When Dakota attempts to tap into the dark energy that permeates the facility, he heaps fear upon the team and communicates with something that may not be what it seems.

"Old Nazareth Hospital"

  • The team rolls into Mineral Wells, Texas, to investigate one of the most haunted hospitals in America – the Old Nazareth Hospital. Chelsea is unhappy to discover a haunted doll room on the premises, and the team is not prepared when a wave of pent-up paranormal energy is unleashed upon them.

"Phelps Dodge Hospital"

  • The team digs deep as they mine their darkest fears at the Phelps Dodge Hospital, an abandoned hospital in Ajo, Arizona. Faced with a vicious entity that hates men, they get more evidence than they dared hope for. But hope turns to horror when one of them gets a ghostly death threat.

"Nevada State Prison"

  • Still reeling from a ghostly warning, Dakota and the team head to one of America's deadliest prisons – Nevada State Prison, a place packed with tortured entities. True fear strikes their hearts when a spirit reaches out to the team for an unimaginable request.

"Old Adrian Hospital"

  • It's Tanner's turn to pick the next stop, and his plans for revenge take a truly dark turn at a deserted Pennsylvania hospital. Dark entities, doppelgangers, and poltergeists lurk around every corner, but what the team hears is the most terrifying of all.

"Indiana State Sanatorium"

  • Alex pushes new fear boundaries with his pick for the next stop. Not only has the Indiana State Sanatorium never been explored, nobody in the world knows what lurks within its walls. This investigation will challenge the team unlike any other!

"Loftus Hall"

  • The team jumps out of their comfort zone and across the pond to the rugged and stormy coast of Ireland – and their first-ever international investigation together! They're prepared to come face-to-face with poltergeists, ghostly nuns, and maybe the devil himself inside Loftus Hall, a cursed 14th-century mansion. It's a location that will test Dakota's theory that the older and more ancient the entity, the more active and frightening it becomes.

Check out the season finale of Destination Fear when it premieres on the Travel Channel and discovery+ on December 25th.

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