Halloween Kills: Best Look Yet at Michael Myers' Mask Revealed

The ending of 2018's Halloween left Michael Myers in a blazing inferno, with the upcoming Halloween Kills set to show off the toll the flames took not only on him, but also on his mask, as Total Film's upcoming magazine covers give us our best look yet at the brutal damage. What makes the damage he suffers in the new film so interesting is that, while select installments of the original films confirmed that Myers was supernaturally driven, this new mythos seemingly leans into a more grounded take on the character, leading us to wonder how he could have survived such an ordeal. Halloween Kills is set to hit theaters on October 15th.

"We've got the full story on the ultimate slasher sequel in our new [Halloween Kills] issue, plus a huge celebration of the career of John Carpenter! On the way to subscribers' mailboxes now - and available on newsstands this Frida," Total Film confirmed on Twitter.

Fans have already been given both a teaser and a trailer for Halloween Kills, hinting at the villain's unsettling visage, with these magazine covers showing the killer in all his creepy glory.

michael myers halloween kills mask total film cover 1
(Photo: Total Film)
michael myers halloween kills mask total film cover 2
(Photo: Total Film)

The Halloween series is surely one of the most beloved properties in horror, though it's also one that can be difficult to keep track of. After the release of the first two films, Halloween III: Season of the Witch pivoted away from the Michael Myers narrative entirely. With fans being disappointed at the lack of Myers, he was brought back for three sequels, starting with Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, as Myers targeted his niece Jamie.

The seventh film, Halloween H20: 20 Years Later, then ignored the events of the previous three films and served as a continuation of the second film, with H20 earning itself one follow-up. The next two films in the series were reboots from Rob Zombie, which was its own singular series, disconnected from its predecessors.

After the franchise was dormant for nearly a decade, director David Gordon Green's Halloween served as a direct continuation of the 1978 original film, which nullified not only the concept of a supernatural influence, but also the idea that Laurie Strode was secretly his sister. In this regard, all bets are off for the ways in which the upcoming sequel will reinvent the lore of the series yet again.

Halloween Kills is set to hit theaters on October 15th.


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