Mysterious New M. Night Shyamalan Movie Gets 2024 Release Date

M. Night Shyamalan is known for an array of films with a career that really took off when The Sixth Sense was released back in 1999. Shyamalan's next movie, Knock at the Cabin, is being released in February of 2023, but it's not the only project he has lined up. Not only is his show Servant expected to come back for a fourth season, but Shyamalan also has a mysterious new movie in the works. According to Deadline, Universal has scheduled a Shyamalan-led thriller for a theatrical release on April 5th, 2024. 

Currently, there's no word on what Shyamalan's new movie will be about nor does it have a title, but it will mark the director's sixth film with Universal. Most recently, he made Old for the studio, which was met with tepid reviews.'s Patrick Cavanaugh gave the movie 2 out of 5 and called it "another bizarre and baffling thriller" from Shyamalan. Currently, there are no other wide releases scheduled for the 2024 date, which will also be Easter weekend. 

What Is Knock at the Cabin

As for Shyamalan's next movie, Knock at the Cabin stars Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy), Rupert Grint (Servant), Nikki Amuka-Bird (Old), Ben Aldridge (Pennyworth), and Jonathan Groff (Mindhunter). The movie is based on a book by Paul Tremblay titled The Cabin at the End of the World. You can read the book's official synopsis here: "Seven-year-old Wen and her parents, Eric and Andrew, are vacationing at a remote cabin on a quiet lake in northern New Hampshire. A handful of miles from the Canadian border, far removed from the bustle of city life, cut off from the urgent hum of cell phones and from the internet, they are more than two miles away from their closest neighbors in either direction along an old dirt logging road.

"I will tell you this: strangely, it was the fastest script I've ever written. Signs would have had that title prior to Knock at the Cabin," Shyamalan previously told ComicBook. "I probably think, in terms of both of them, that they have this movement, this event, that causes me to write it really fast. Hopefully, audiences will feel that when they come to see it." He added, "It is definitely in the wheelhouse of the things you're seeing from me now, especially with [Apple TV+ series] Servant, this contained and gigantic event that's occurring."

Shyamalan's Knock at the Cabin opens in theaters on February 3, 2023. Stay tuned for more updates about his mysterious 2024 project.