Clive Barker's 'Nightbreed' Being Developed as a TV Series for SYFY

Author Clive Barker is well-known for creating the Hellraiser mythology and adapting those stories [...]

Author Clive Barker is well-known for creating the Hellraiser mythology and adapting those stories into feature films, yet one of his other beloved projects is his feature film adaptation Nightbreed, based on his short-story collection Cabal. The collection is now being adapted into a TV series for SYFY.

As described by Deadline, the collection of short stories "explores race relations in America, only the races are Humans and Monsters. It follows a group of underground half-human/half-monsters seeking to find a new refuge and home after their original hiding place is destroyed. Leading these efforts is a recently turned reluctant hero who not only is adjusting to his new supernatural status but also is dealing with the grief and mystery surrounding the death of his fiancée. Will this group band together despite being hunted and persecuted by humans who find their 'otherness' to be frightening?"

Barker himself adapted his collection into the 1990 film which starred Craig Scheffer and director David Cronenberg.

The fantasy-horror film had an underwhelming reception initially, as the complex themes were difficult to fit into the finished film. The fans that the film did acquire are some of Barker's most passionate, which led to a resurgence in popularity in recent years.

In 2012, all of the unused footage that Barker filmed and couldn't edit into the final cut was inserted back into the film, resulting in The Cabal Cut. Unfortunately, the decades hadn't been kind to the footage, as this extended version of the film shifted from footage shot on 35mm to footage that appeared to be VHS quality.

In 2014, all of the film's existing footage was remastered and Barker personally crafted his own director's cut featuring both theatrical and cut footage.

"There has never been a more relevant time for us to turn to one of the genre's great cult classics from our movie library to impact the national conversation with bold, compelling and unconventional storytelling," David Robinson, President of Morgan Creek Entertainment Group, shared in a statement.

Barker will serve as an executive producer on the series.

"This story has been near to my heart for many years," Barker noted. "I'm at beyond thrilled that SYFY and UCP are taking this journey with us, and I cannot wait to see it brought to life on the screen."

The TV adaptation could begin shooting by the end of the year.

Stay tuned for details about the Nightbreed TV series.

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