Stranger Things 4: Netflix Releases Eddie's Beloved Guitar Solo Scene Online

The first full trailer for Stranger Things 4 showed a glimpse of a then-unknown character shredding a guitar solo on top of a trailer in the Upside Down. It was confusing with no context heading into the start of the season but, now that the season has been released in its entirety. the scene has been a favorite amongst Stranger Things fans. In the Stranger Things 4 finale, Eddie plays Metallica's "Master of Puppets" in the Upside Down, hoping to serve as a distraction to allow his friends to take a shot at Vecna. 

As expected, there has been a ton of buzz surrounding Eddie's big scene in the days since Stranger Things 4 Vol. 2 was released. Fortunately, Netflix has made it easier for fans to go back and watch the scene on its own, without having to search through the massive season finale. The full guitar solo scene was recently uploaded to the Stranger Things YouTube channel for all to enjoy. Take a look!

In just one season, Eddie Munson became one of the most beloved characters to ever appear on Stranger Things. That said, there is little chance we see more of Eddie beyond Season 4. WARNING: Stranger Things 4 Spoilers ahead!

At the end of the Stranger Things 4 finale, after the big guitar solo, Eddie took on the Demobats by himself in order to buy more time for Nancy, Steve, and Robin. This decision cost him his life, but also brought his character full-circle, according to the actor who played him.

"I think that's such a big part of Eddie's story," Joseph Quinn told The Hollywood Reporter. "It's a redemption tale. I think he's completely haunted by his inability to do anything to save Chrissy and how powerless he was at that moment. And obviously being blamed for that murder is devastating and then having to go into hiding. I think he gets a little bored with feeling pathetic and unable to do anything. And then at some point in episode 8, a switch flips, and he decides that he's going to prove himself. The opportunity then arises, but he has to pay the ultimate price. But he proves to himself that he certainly isn't a coward."


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