Stranger Things Vol 4 Star Speaks Out For First Time Since Character's Death, Teases Return

[WARNING: Spoilers for Stranger Things 4, Vol. 2 follow]. On Friday, Netflix dropped the final two episodes of Stranger Things' fourth season, including the feature-length finale, causing the streamer to suffer outages as the season went on to break streaming records. The two new episodes included some devastating moments. One such moment was the death of fan-favorite new addition Eddie Munson, played by Joseph Quinn. Cast as a coward throughout the season's first volume, Eddie proved his mettle by sacrificing himself to draw off the bats of the Upside Down, giving the rest of the Hawkins kids the chance to stop Vecna's plans. Quinn has now opened up about Eddie's death for the first time while speaking to The Hollywood Reporter.

"I think that's such a big part of Eddie's story," Quinn says of Eddie's heroic end. "It's a redemption tale. I think he's completely haunted by his inability to do anything to save Chrissy and how powerless he was at that moment. And obviously being blamed for that murder is devastating and then having to go into hiding. I think he gets a little bored with feeling pathetic and unable to do anything. And then at some point in episode 8, a switch flips, and he decides that he's going to prove himself. The opportunity then arises, but he has to pay the ultimate price. But he proves to himself that he certainly isn't a coward."

But could Eddie return? His fate is certainly more certain than Max Mayfields, but there's always the possibility of Eddie appearing in a flashback in the show's upcoming final season.

"You know, anything is possible, and I'd be up for anything," Quinn says. "So yeah, we'll see."

Stranger Things 4 Vol. 2 proved to be a blockbuster end to the Netflix show's biggest season yet.'s Patrick Cavanaugh explains in his review:


"Stranger Things Season 4 is undoubtedly its biggest and most ambitious season yet, with these final two episodes being tasked with sticking the landing of a sprawling narrative. Were all nine episodes to have debuted all at once, the stakes would have been reduced and audiences would have been overwhelmed. To debut these final two episodes apart from the rest of the season, we've been given some time to catch our breath, yet by feeling like the final act of a massive movie, the delineation of these episodes and how they connect with what came before it feel relatively arbitrary. Even though Netflix has been committed to delivering Stranger Things in a binge-watching model, delivering new episodes on a weekly basis might have ultimately suited the material better, especially given the success of Netflix's release of their Fear Street trilogy last summer. Regardless of the release strategy, Stranger Things Season 4 – Volume 2 delivers the series' most jaw-dropping action sequences, heartbreaking reveals, and compelling teases of looming darkness yet. The breadth of the adventure can be daunting at times, but it's still a journey worth taking, so long as you have your friends from Hawkins by your side."

Stranger Things 4 is streaming now on Netflix.