Stranger Things Star Confirms Season 4 Shooting to Begin Early This Year

Much like the series' narrative itself, details about the development of new episodes of Stranger Things have been kept closely under wraps by Netflix, yet star Millie Bobby Brown has recently teased that production on the upcoming fourth season is set to begin imminently. With each new season regularly setting streaming records for the service, anticipation for the upcoming episodes are at their highest, due in large part to the potential fatal ramifications of last season's finale. Based on the amount time it takes to craft a season, we likely shouldn't expect the new season to debut in 2020, though we wouldn't be surprised if it debuts early next year.

stranger things millie bobby brown
(Photo: Instagram, milliebobbybrown)

When responding to a question from a fan on her Instagram account about when filming would start, Brown confirmed, "Soon! Early this year for sure and [very[ excited [about] it!"

Season Three of the series brought with it some of the biggest changes to the dynamic of the series, as it concluded not only with Brown's Eleven moving away from Hawkins, Indiana, but the finale also depicted the seeming demise of David Harbour's Chief Hopper. In the months since that season premiered, fans have speculated about a number of fates for Hopper, but don't expect Harbour himself to reveal any answers.

"I think Hopper — from the very beginning I've said this — he's very lovable in a certain way, but also, he's kind of a rough guy," Harbour revealed during a convention appearance at German Comic Con Dortmund in December. "Certainly in the beginning of Season One he's kind of dark, and he's drinking, and he's trying to kill himself, and he hates himself for what happened to his daughter. I feel like, in a sense, that character needed to die. He needed to make some sacrifice to make up for the way he's been living for the past like 10 years, the resentments that he's had. So he needed to die."

The actor likened Hopper's trajectory to potentially being similar to another iconic fantasy character.

"Now whether or not there is this second act, whether or not there is some sort of resurrection, whether or not we can see him go off in a certain way, would be really interesting to me. I would love it," he said. "Anybody watch Lord of the Rings? Gandalf the Grey fights the Balrog, descends into darkness, battles him forever, and everyone thinks he's dead. And then he re-emerges as Gandalf the White, with sort of a new strength and a new power. That would be an interesting arc for him."

Stay tuned for details on Season Four of Stranger Things.


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