'Supernatural's Jared Padalecki Wishes Justin Bieber A Happy Birthday

Well this isn't a feud anyone saw coming, and that includes Supernatural's Jared Padalecki, who happens to be at the center of it, but it's not something a happy birthday wish to Justin Bieber can't fix.

Confused? Well here's the skinny. So one of Bieber's friends Lil Za was recently arrested and charged with drug possession on Tuesday, which happened as a result of a recent police raid on Bieber's LA home, which happened due to them investigating an egging incident. He would later post bail and be released, but during the interim Padalecki tweeted at Bieber and the singer's fans weren't very happy.

"Hey @justinbieber, how much are you paying your friend for pretending that it was HIS cocaine, and taking the fall for you?" Padalecki tweeted.

That got Bieber's fans motivated and they shortly started going after Padalecki on social media, threatening to stop watching Supernatural if he continued to speak badly of the Biebs. Bieber never responded to the tweet, but Padalecki has since decided to wish him a happy birthday in a very sarcastic but hilarious way.

"Happy Birthday to a person who's been very important and inspirational in my life. Somebody I look up to every day. That's right, Happy Birthday @justinbieber. Hope you are doing well!"

Padalecki recently spoke to E News about all the fans who aren't happy with him, saying "'I was like, 'Uh, Justin Bieber's buddies are gonna beat me up.' It was like, 'Don't touch our idol!'" Padalecki said. "I was like, 'I was just kind of sending a joke.' I was kind of like, 'Hey, buddy … '"

If the Happy Birthday tweet doesn't work, Padalecki seems to have some Bieber fan security to back him up.

"Listen, I have a world full of 12-year-olds trying to kill me," Padalecki said. "So watch my back! We have people watching around for Beliebers."


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