Buffalo Wild Wings the Latest Chain to Join Chicken Sandwich Wars

(Photo: Buffalo Wild Wings)

The battle for the best chicken sandwich is far from over, especially now another major contender has hopped in the ring. Buffalo Wild Wings has decided to roll out a pair of new chicken sandwich offerings, coincidentally enough during the exact period of time the item has become a cultural phenomenon. Though not a fast food joint like Chick-fil-A or Popeyes, the burger and wing chain will come to fight with two different options, both using the same Beer-Battered Chicken base.

First and foremost is the Southern Chicken Sandwich, featuring a battered chicken breast with Swiss cheese, bacon aiolo, Napa slaw, and house pickles on a challah bun. Then, B-Dubs wants to crank it up a notch with their Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich — essentially the same offering as before, except with the chicken tossed in Nashville hot sauce. It also switches out the aioli for Ranch and adds Fresno chiles on top.

Along with the new offerings, Buffalo Wild Wings is also rolling out Hand-Breaded Tenders using the same beer batter as the chicken breasts, using an IPA from Lagunitas as a base. A restaurant spokesperson says "the higher alcohol volume in the IPA creates a unique coating and a hand-breaded chicken product that's crispy on the outside, while remaining flavorful and juicy on the inside."


Earlier this week, Popeyes announced it had sold out of its initial batch of chicken sandwiches, the first such product the store has ever carried. Before that, the item was the talk of Twitter in the days leading up to the cancellation.

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