Oreo Sour Patch Kids Edition Cookies Are On Sale Now

Colorful sweet and sour Oreo Sour Patch Kids cookies are a limited edition release.

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Yes, we live in a world where cookies get flashy limited edition releases, but the idea of mixing Sour Patch Kids flavors in an Oreo cookie? That's a pretty big deal. Indeed, these Oreo cookies are a little bit sour and a little bit sweet with creme and a cookie base that are loaded with "multi-colored sour sugar inclusions". Sounds absolutely delicious. 

If you agree, you can order the cookies directly from Oreo for $4.50 a bag. Walmart also has them on pre-order for $4.28 (we're pre-ordering cookies now!). As noted, it's a limited edition flavor so you might want to stock up sooner rather than later. They won't be around forever, and this flavor might prove more popular than other recent limited edition Oreo releases. 


What's more, Oreo will be releasing an apparel collection inspired by the Sour Patch Kids collab that will be available via the Oreo website at a later date. It will include a sweatshirt and pants, a bucket hat, hair clips, a sling bag, and socks. Signing up for the Oreo newsletter will grant you early access to the collection when it drops. 

That's right, we're getting fashion collections for cookie releases now! That might seem strange, but earlier this month Crocs launched a collab with Pringles that included boots with chip holsters. This is the new normal.