Hostess Set to Unveil Triple Chocolate Brownies

hostess triple chocolate brownies
(Photo: Hostess)

Chocoholics are about to get really excited. News has started circling online this weekend that Hostess will soon unveil an all-new offering — Triple Chocolate Brownies. As one might expect, the brownie itself is made of chocolate cake before being topped with chocolate frosting. The third layer of chocolate comes in the forms of chocolate chips baked right into the cake. Judging by the box design, the whole thing is then drizzled with a caramel or peanut butter frosting.

Judging by what food scoopers have to say on Instagram, it'd appear Hostess will be rolling out their Triple Chocolate Brownies alongside a new Cream Cheese Coffee Cake. A street date on the items aren't available as of yet, but both are expected to fall under the same $1.99 per box pricing other Hostess treats are available as.


The Triple Chocolate Brownies and Cream Cheese Coffee Cakes news comes just weeks after the confectioner announced it'd be rolling out new Iced Pumpkin Cupcakes for its seasonal fall offering.

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