Eccentric Billionaire Elon Musk Thinks Coronavirus Panic is Dumb

The global coronavirus outbreak is without question the biggest topic of conversation right now. Between news reports and social media, the threat of COVID-19 has captured the world's attention and prompted various event cancellations as well as large numbers of people taking precautions for their health and safety which includes the mass purchase of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and even Twinkies. As confirmed cases and deaths continue to rise, so does the concern and, for some, the panic but if you ask Elon Musk, the whole thing is just "dumb". In fact, you don't have to ask; Musk has made that opinion clear on social media.

Musk took to Twitter last week and shared his very direct thoughts about the situation, specifically that he doesn't have the highest opinion of the "panic". Check it out.

"The coronavirus panic is dumb," Musk wrote.

It's not entirely difficult to see why Musk might feel that way. Stores nationwide have started running out of various supplies such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and face masks as more and more cases of COVID-19 are confirmed. In the case of the face masks, the mass purchase of those items aren't even suggested by leading health officials including the Centers for Disease Control. The only real preventative measures that have been suggested are pretty straightforward: avoid touching your eyes nose and mouth, stay home when sick, and wash your hands correctly and often.

Despite the mass purchase of various supplies and other reactions from the public at large and opinion that all the panic is "dumb", COVID-19 remains a real concern. As of March 8, the Italian government has quarantined more than 16 million people -- roughly a quarter of the country's population -- due to a sharp increase in deaths and cases in the country. At the time of this article's writing, the Italian coronavirus death toll is 366, marking a 133 rise in reported fatalities in one day while total cases in Italy jumped to 7,375 from 5,883 in one day as well.


In the United States, at least 19 people have died from COVID-19 and cases of the illness have now spread to 30 states with around 450 cases reported nationwide. These cases have prompted the cancellation of major entertainment events, such as Seattle's Emerald City Comic Con and Austin's SXSW as well as seen the release date for the eagerly-anticipated upcoming James Bond film No Time To Die postponed to November.

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